Gluttony in New Orleans

I love being on holiday. Really, I do. What is there not to love? Sleeping in, eating out, exploring new places… Sometimes I even manage to lose some weight – walking around all day can do that for ya.

But not this trip. Oh, no. Bye bye muscle definition. Hello pot belly. Meh! I’m actually looking forward to hitting the gym once I get back home.

Anyway, just 1 more week of gluttony left. I figured that one can only do so much damage in such a limited period!

So… Where are we now? Down south in New Orleans! First time in New Orleans and we’ve heard that the food here is fantastic. And boy, it really is!


We had a quick lunch at Muriel’s today and it was fabulous! I had a gigantic oyster po’boy, washed down with a ridiculously cheap $4 Bloody Mary and M had a crusted fish fillet (which was also enormous) with a glass of Russian River pinot. The bill all up? Under $60 for the both of us, including taxes and tip.




Dinner was at Mr B’s Bistro. I tried to be good. Really, I did. I only ordered 2 appetisers – fried oysters and a crab cake – and shared a dessert with M.




Okay, so deep fried oysters don’t exactly scream ‘healthy option’. And that buttery pecan pie was positively sinful. But we’re in New Orleans. And we flew halfway around the world to get here. So if we want fat and sugar, we’re gonna have it, dammit. I’ll be healthy again when I get back to Melbourne. Promise!

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