Arnaud’s and jazz

Dinner at Arnaud’s was a little more expensive compared to some of the other meals we’ve had in NOLA (mostly due to the consumption of extra alcohol), but it was a very enjoyable experience.


We dined in their Jazz Bistro section to take advantage of the live jazz being played during dinner. They actually come right up to your table at some point in the evening and play directly at you. It was kinda nice and kinda… a little uncomfortable, at the same time… I just didn’t know where to look, whether to continue eating while they played and whether my lack of head bopping and toe tapping was rude. Umm, I dunno… I’m not really into the whole audience participation thing. The best I can do is clap politely at the end. I know, so boring!


Anyway, onto the food, which most certainly did not cause me any discomfort!




Between the 2 of us, we shared 3 appetisers, a main and a dessert. Portion control, people. Apparently that’s how the French don’t get fat – have what you want, but just a bit of it. Okay, so roughly 2.5 courses per person isn’t exactly a light meal, but the portions weren’t large at Arnaud’s, which I was happy about!

We ordered the turtle soup (which apparently does have some turtle in it, but it kinda just tasted like a yummy beef stew), Louisiana shrimps in Arnaud’s special sauce, baked oysters and the crab ‘Karen’ (which was a crabmeat pie in puff pastry shaped like a crab!). In a word: delicious. Dessert was the bread pudding, which was pleasantly not overly rich.

The service was really good, but we’ve found the service in NOLA to be generally really good. Gotta love the southern hospitality!

P.S. apologies for the dark and blurry photos. Mood lighting and food photography are not friends!

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