It happened 2 weeks ago…

M and I had 6 days in New York at the start of our trip. Somehow we managed to fit in 3 Michelin *** in that period. I know, it sounds a little crazy.

I’m just gonna do a little combo post now and highlight a few of our favourite dishes. I might do full posts in the future when I get home… if I feel inclined and not too depressed about not being on holiday anymore…!

Where did we go? Jean Georges for lunch, Eleven Madison Park for lunch and dinner at Daniel.

Jean Georges




Above middle: trout and trout roe. Badly angled photo, but ridiculously fantastic dish.

Above bottom: shrimp with sea urchin. Quite possibly my favourite dish of the trip so far. And isn’t it just the prettiest?!

Eleven Madison Park



Above middle: some kind of awesome fish dish that M loved.

Above bottom: lobster and avocado. And a whole lot of fabulousness.


Dark photos alert! Daniel was very… formal. It had this old money, frequented-by-the-establishment feel to it. M had to wear a jacket, which he was not completely pleased about on a warm summer night. My favourite dish of the night ended up being my dessert – a passionfruit concoction. Light, tangy and visually enticing.



My overall favourite? Jean Georges! Best dishes overall and I love the relatively more relaxed ambience. Oh, and lunch there was comparatively inexpensive too!

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