Personal space

Personal space. It’s something I like to both give and receive. But some people don’t seem to understand the concept. One of the things I dislike about travelling is sitting on a plane next to a stranger who doesn’t seem to mind getting a little too close for comfort. Or waiting in line next to one.

I’m totally neurotic about giving others enough space. I hate touching strangers and I hate them touching me even more. So on the plane, I never compete for the arm rest. But is that enough for some?




Why must they venture into what is clearly my space? It’s not like I’m that little – I’m no fatty, but I’m tall with long limbs. What is wrong with people? Seriously, move the f*$@ away.

And what about people who seem to want to stand so close to you in line that they’re almost grinding up against your arse?! I encountered someone like that at JFK, so I stuck my foot out while standing sideways to keep some space between us. The result? They wanted to get so close that their bag just had to be touching my foot. WTF…?


So please, people, respect personal space. Don’t stand too close. And don’t hog extra space on the plane just cos the person next to you has given you custody of the arm rest. Thank you.

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