You may have heard of the term ‘a moving feast’?  I have too – except that I heard it differently and always thought it was ‘a moving beast’.  It wasn’t until recently when I realised that I was (gasp!) wrong…  But the term has stuck and a moving feast will forever be a moving beast for me.  So I decided it would become the name of my blog – partly because it was the only semi-original name I could think of while registering my blog page!

Anyway, when people ask me what my interests or hobbies are, I often draw a blank.  I mean, I love food and wine, but can you call them ‘interests’ and does eating and drinking qualify as a ‘hobby’?  I didn’t think so.  Hobbies are things like playing golf, growing a vegie patch or building model aeroplanes.  Eating and drinking?  Everyone does that.  But does everyone (a) take photos of their food to keep a record of that something special (or un-special) they ate; (b) read The Age‘s Epicure section religiously every Tuesday; (c) have a picture of their favourite macaron as their facebook avatar; (d) feel more than a little excited when they find out that James Halliday is a guest speaker at a work function; (e) lack so much self control when eating something they love that they gorge themselves until they throw up (yes, this happened on more than 1 occasion); and (f) follow other people’s food blogs and think ‘man, I wish I had a food blog!’.

So here it is – my blogging debut on a few of my favourite things: food, wine, travel and some furry friends.